International Women’s Day

Every year on the 8th of March we celebrate International Women’s Day. It is a day to celebrate the achievements of women and raise awareness about gender equality.
Here at JL Designs we are all about empowering women and recognising the wonderful things women do every day. 

Today we are celebrating ourselves, our mothers, our grandmothers, our aunties, our sisters, our cousins, our friends and all the women in the world. 

We decided to mark the occasion by sharing some of our Irish female inspirations who show us the power of what women can achieve.

Lana and Ciara from Donegal are founders of Beanantees and are all about having fun mixing fashion and gaeilge. They have created apparel empowering wild Irish women. They are all about female positivity, diversity and feminism. What inspired us was seeing the girls raise over €10,000 for rape crisis, LGBTQ+, Pro-choice and other organisations for women across Ireland.
Aoife McNamara is a young fashion designer and founder of Aoife Ireland. Founded in 2019,  Aoife has been pushing boundaries with her unique, bright coloured designs shaking up the fashion industry. Her designs are fun, fresh and feminine. Every gal needs a piece of her collection in their wardrobe. Yesterday won ‘Best Fashion Designer’ at the Gossies and is an inspiration to young women. Get used to her name because we reckon you’ll be hearing it a lot.
Rozanna ‘Roz’ Purcell is an Irish model, author and charity worker. She has been an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes to promoting body positivity. She has been using her platform to show people the truth behind ‘perfect posts’. She empowers women by sharing her own struggles with body image. We love the message she promotes. She inspires healthiness and happiness by sharing recipes, hiking routes and the cutest pictures of her dogs!!! Is it just us or has anyone else been inspired by Roz to start climbing mountains recently?
Sinead Kennedy is an Irish Television Presenter with trademark silver hair and a fabulous sense of style. You might know her from co-hosting Winning Streak on a saturday night but she has carved out an impressive TV career for herself. She has produced TV documentaries such as The Only Gay In The Village (about being gay in rural Ireland) and the award-winning The Crossing (about immigrants rescued by The Irish Navy). She also produced This Is Me a documentary about the late Laura Brennan’s battle with cancer and her campaign work around the HPV vaccine. She plays a significant role in telling people’s stories and we really admire her for that.
Chupi Sweetman is an Irish Designer who designs heirlooms and has a passion for all that she creates and inspires all she meets. She is the founder and CEO of an Irish jewellery brand called Chupi. She’s a new mum to a beautiful baby girl and a mentor to many female startups. She realises the importance of family heirlooms and wants to create pieces of history that hold a magical story. Responsible practises are at the core of Chupi do. Each Chupi piece is consciously created in Ireland using recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds. Their beautiful packaging is designed to be reused or recycled.
Laura Whitmore is an Irish Television Presenter, Model and Actress. She frequently fights for women’s rights and has played a major role in getting a bill that outlaws upskirting (the act of taking a photo up someone’s skirt or dress without their consent) through parliament in the UK. She supported repealing the 8th amendment and shared her own experiences of sexual assault for the #MeToo movement. She is also a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. Laura acts as a voice and is a true inspiration to women.
Marissa Carter is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Cocoa Brown tan and Carter Beauty cosmetic line. At just 21 years of age she set up her own salon and has grown it into a beauty empire. Her famous Cocoa Brown Tanning collection has proved to be a major hit across the globe. Carter does a lot of formal and informal mentoring to other women in the industry as she believes it was mentoring from other women that has been a key factor in helping her to successfully succeed. Her advice to other women is that you can never be over-prepared and she does not take her role as mentor lightly as she is mainly a mentor to a young client base.
Lorna Butler is the owner of PDC Coaching. Lorna helps people through the use of Coaching Practices & Psychometrics. The core of PDC Coaching is helping people develop both personally and professionally. Assisting people in understanding themselves so that they can make better and more informed decisions about their life, career and business. Joanne has been going to Lorna monthly since November 2019. “Lorna has been the BEST thing to happen to me and my business. Having a strong female voice to hatch things out with and encourage me to grow and succeed has been the driving force behind all things big and small. Lorna is a mother of three and a huge inspiration to me, she is a phenomenal female leader and has encouraged me to work hard and learn when to slow down too, she’s the beautiful person inside and out” – Joanne.

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