Noughties Nostalgia

If you were a teenager in the noughties there’s a high chance that you were an active member on the social network site Bebo.All you former ‘Bebo Stunnah’s’ will be glad to hear that Bebo is relaunching as a brand new social network service this month.

Unfortunately (or maybe thanks be to god!!) they have lost all of our embarrassing foundation-heavy-duck-face pictures. Not to forget when everyone went through the phase of wearing bright luminous pieces of clothing! Who remembers giving luv and the stress of finding the perfect song to play in your flash box?

From a design perspective Bebo hosted the most creativity of all social media to ever exist. ‘Skins’ were a prominent feature and the favourable way for a 16 year old girl to express her ‘bad bitch’ side. We look forward to seeing the new refurbished site and if ‘Skins’ makes a comeback we’ll be happy to help you with all your design needs.

There’s only one thing left to ask- Who’s going to be in your top 16? <3 :L XD

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