4 Reasons Not To Use Canva for Logo Design

Here at JL Designs we know how precious your time is as a business owner. Trying to balance all the different aspects of your business is never easy. Especially having to create your own marketing materials. While Canva is a great tool to create your own social media videos and graphics it should never be used to create your logo.  A good logo is never quick, easy and free. Here are 4 reasons  why you should NEVER use Canva to design a logo for your business. 


If you use Canva your logo will never belong to you. All premade layouts are available to anyone with access to a Canva account. It will be impossible to design a logo that is completely unique to you and you might find that your logo will look way too similar to other logos. This means that you will be unable to claim copyright. If you want to take your business to another level then you will need to have your logo professionally designed.


The same templates are available to everyone with a Canva account which leaves little room for exclusivity. Below you can see an example of a logo made using Canva and how the exact logo has been used hundreds of times, we are sure you have seen it around. This can cause your designs to look like everyone else’s making it harder to stand out from the crowd.

Low Quality

Canva is not an ideal platform for designing your logos because it isn’t a vector-based programme meaning that you cannot create a design that will be scalable to any size. With Canva you have limited options when it comes to downloading your finished logo. It will be impossible to go beyond the size it is set out as (500 px x 500 px) without losing resolution or compromising on quality.  It is highly important that your logo is originally created in a vector file format (.AI or .EPS) to avoid any issues for your future printing and branding projects.


There are a few legal technicalities when you use Canva to design logos. Even though you are given access to a wide variety of free and paid images you cannot use these to create a logo as per Canva licensing agreement. 

So in theory leave it to the experts so you can do what you do best- run your business! Trust us it will be worth it in the long run 😉 We know how to save you money and properly prepare your files for print. This is going to save you so much time and effort. When you get your branding designed correctly from the start it reflects better on your business. 

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